Support the collection

When will a collection be complete? Probably never, but that doesn’t matter since the search is a big part of the fun.

The main interest when searching for new items is within on or more of the following categories: Portable computers especially sub-notebooks and handheld computers, late 1970 to start 2000, IBM Thinkpads, Sony VAIO, Motorola 68k cpu, dual Pentium Pro cpus, strange features.
Normal personal desktop computers have very limited interest because of their size and higher availability – the only exception, however, is the IBM XT 5160 and a few other IBM PCs.

If you have any of the computers below or similar models that you want to donate or interested in selling to Daths Garage feel free to submit a request through the CONTACT form.
By donating equipment to Daths Garage the person or company will be mentioned under the description of the given device(s).

WANTED for the collection:

  • Abricot Portable
  • Atari STBook, Stacy
  • Bondwell B310
  • Casio FX-980P, PRT-1 GPS wrist watch
  • Commodore SX-64, C286-LT
  • Compaq Portable
  • Dolch PAC 686 dual Intel Pentium Pro
  • Dynalogic Hyperion
  • Elektronika MK-90 microcalculator
  • Epson PX-8 Geneva
  • Ericsson R380(s)
  • Gateway Handbook 486
  • Grid Compass
  • Hewlett-Packard 320LX, 85/87, 9826, Integral, Omnibook 300, Proliant BL10e cluster server
  • Husky Hunter 16/80
  • IBM 5100
  • IBM 9533 PS/2E
  • IBM dual Xeon blades for BladeCenter
  • IBM Netvista S40 6645
  • IBM PC 365 dual Pentium Pro
  • IBM ThinkPad 500, 700C Butterfly, W700ds (dual screen)
  • IBM SMS cards, vacuum tube modules
  • Microprofessor MPF-1P
  • MITS Altair 680, 8800
  • Motorola MDT-9100T, WT4090
  • NEC MobilePro 780, UltraLite
  • Nokia N91
  • NorthStar Horizon
  • Planet Computers Gemini PDA, Cosmo communicator, Astro Slide
  • Processor Technology SOL-20
  • Sharp PC-1350/60, PC-3000/3100, PC-G850V
  • Sony VAIO PCG-505, PCG-705, PCG-C1 (picturebook), PCG-U1, PCG-U3 X505, Model Z
  • Tandy 1400
  • TransPC LCD/286